Economic Potential of Kashmir

The economic potential for Kashmir is very bright; if peace was achieved Kashmir would become the most prosperous in the whole of the region.
Kashmir has a fascinating beauty and a climate that is very pleasant, indeed a British parliamentarian recently called this “the most beautiful prison on earth”.

Kashmir has a history of beauty and tourism, this could thrive once again bringing millions of tourists every year.
There are lakes, mountains, such as K-2 and Nanga Parbat, and natural resources that would become attractive for the visitors from all over the world.

Kashmir is very rich in water resources, which can be utilized to generate electricity on a large scale. Fruits, timber, minerals and herbs are found in abundance in most parts of Kashmir. There is a huge potential for heavy industry, as well for small enterprises such as handicrafts which are famous through out the world.

The large community numbering over a million in Britain alone could play a major part in strengthening its economy.

Geography of Kashmir.

Jammu Kashmir is situated on the extreme north of Indian subcontinent and is 
surrounded by India, Pakistan,
  China and Afghanistan.

Jammu  Kashmir State has a total area of 84,740 square miles.
This area is at present divided into four parts,

i)    about 40 thousand square miles in the Indian held part,
ii)   Gilgit Baltistan over 28 thousand Sq. miles.
iii)  about 12 thousand sq. miles area of Aksai Chin under China’s Control and
iv)  Azad Kashmir about 4 thousand square miles.

Total population of the State is over 16 million.

  1. i)10 million are in the Indian-held part,
  2. II)         3 million in Azad Kashmir,
    iii)         1.5 million in Gilgit Baltistan and
    v)         1.5 million in Pakistan and abroad (mostly in UK).
    Aksai Chin has virtually no population

The religious composition of the population of the State is: –
Muslim 77 percent
Hindus 20 percent
Others 3 percent