Chairman returns from Kashmir

The chairman of Jammu & Kashmir Self-Determination Movement Europe  Raja Najabat Hussain has recently returned from a visit to the Kashmir region.

The team had a lengthy briefing and agreed on the course of action for the coming year, amongst its targets will be to ensure we put more pressure on the British Parliament to intervene in the Kashmir dispute.

Its was also agreed to work with young people and especially women to ensure our movement has a well representative voice.

We also agreed to work with Politicians who may wish to proceed to the House of Commons as Members of Parliament.

We will be issuing further details about this programme once details have been confirmed.

We will be looking for at least 20 people who may wish to be candidates for the 2020 General Elections so if you are interested you need to contact us as soon as possible.

Our programmes will be more targeted and will be more action based.

This web site will be another area which will need lots of works doing to it and we are currently looking at ways we can make major improvements to it.

Please continue to give us your help and support.


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